ComfyMC Server Rules

Disclaimer: It may not be feasible to list every possible action that could potentially be against the rules, but we trust our staff to use their best judgement and ask that you use common sense when playing the game and interacting with other players. You are responsible for all actions that happen on your account.

General Rules

These rules are universal. Failure to abide by any rules may result in a Permanent IP Ban!

1. Always remain respectful, mindful and considerate of other players. Harassing, bullying, or intentionally causing grief will not be tolerated. Players are expected not to make negative comments or target players based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. Bigotry and discriminatory language are grounds for a Permanent Ban.

2. Do not troll. Try your best to be a sincere and genuine player. This is a community of people with unique thoughts and feelings, and joining with intent to troll will result in a Permanent Ban.

3. Any form of explicit discussion, sexual content, or predatory behavior can result in an immediate, permanent, and unappealable Ban. Avoid suggestive behavior/comments, unsolicited RP or explicit PDA. If you are being harassed, please report it to a staff member.

4. Do not publicize personal information, whether it is your own or another player’s.

5. Refrain from pinging staff on Discord. If you need to report a player or bug, please open a ticket under the respective channel. If you do not have access to Discord, you may reach out to staff when they are online or use the /help function. We take all reports seriously, and lying in reports will result in a ban.

6. Do not evade punishments, discuss punishments with other players, or otherwise retaliate against the staff that punished you. If you feel as if you were falsely punished, please open a Ban Appeal ticket on our Discord to discuss with staff. Take note that some offenses are NOT appealable with examples including advertising, hacking, using discriminatory language, or engaging in predatory behavior.

Chat Rules

These rules apply to all forms of communication in-game (chat, signs, etc.). Failure to abide by these rules may be met with a Mute. Continuous or extreme offenses will result in a Ban

1. This is an English-language server. Please refrain from writing in other languages.

2. Refrain from discussion about sensitive issues, politics, or contentious topics meant to be inflammatory. All topics should be family friendly, and there is zero tolerance for profane or otherwise explicit language.

3. Avoid engaging in rude behavior or intense confrontation by utilizing the /ignoreplayer command and reporting any offending players to staff. You are responsible for your own actions, even if another player “started it”.

4. Do not spam chat with long strings of characters, abuse of the language filter, abuse of in-game commands, or otherwise repetitive or excessive messages.

5. Never impersonate any player, staff or rank via the /nick command, signs, or any other form. Inappropriate nicknames are also strictly forbidden.

6. Don’t beg or “negotiate” for ranks, items, or money. We also ask that players don’t trade in-game items for IRL money or vice versa with as we aren’t in control of the other player not holding up their end of the bargain. For your safety, please only use the store directly to buy items.

7. Do not post links in chat. Advertising your social media or other servers is strictly prohibited.

In Game Rules

These rules apply to gameplay. Failure to abide by these rules may rarely result in a warning, and is often met with an Immediate Ban.

1. Never use hacked clients, x-ray texture packs, duplication bugs, or other exploits that provide you an unfair advantage. Failure to report any bugs or glitches on the server will result in a ban, and testing these without staff permission is strictly against the rules.

Client specifics – We advise against using easily exploitable clients like BadLion/Lunar. Staff’s preferred clients are OptiFine/Fabric. If using Litematica, easy-place is allowed, but easy-place-hold or similar block spamming should be turned off. Any camera or minimap mods should not show caves/entities/mobs that you wouldn’t normally see.

2. Never grief, raid, steal from, or claim bases that you did not build, even if the area seems abandoned. You must always get explicit permission from the other player or staff, including in the End or the Nether.

3. Do not build, create, promote, or otherwise use any inappropriate builds, items, skins, or usernames. Inappropriate builds may be taken down, inappropriate skins/usernames can be changed then you may submit an appeal on the Discord, and repeated inappropriate behavior may result in a Permanent Ban.

4. Do not PVP other players without consent. If another player kills you without permission, report them to staff immediately and do not engage.

5. Do not put troll items (ie. stone for 1mil) on the Auction House (/ah). This is an economy server, and we welcome competitive pricing, but avoid maliciously overpricing items or attempting to scam other players.

Anti-Lag Rules

These rules apply to building, use of redstone, and are necessary to avoid Lag and Performance issues. Failure to abide by these Rules or maliciously attempting to lag the server can and will be met with a Ban.

1. Anti-AFK Machines, Flying Machines, and Redstone Clocks are strictly prohibited on the server.

2. Refrain from building zero (0) tick farms, automated farms that run indefinitely, or farms with the purpose to AFK at. AFK Farming of any kind is against the rules, and this includes AFKing for keys, at smelters, etc. There are a few types of automatic farms that fall within the rules like no-redstone cactus farms, no-redstone “auto” smelters or some farms that require you to be in the chunk to work. If you’re not sure, please reach out to staff before building or activating your farm.

3. Auto-Kill Mob Farms are not allowed. Mobs must be manually killed or farmed by the player(s) and not by fall damage, lava/magma blocks, other mobs, or anything else. Farms that spawn an excessive amount of entities may be limited, and it is always recommended to clear farms with staff before using an excessive number of spawners or building large or numerous nether portals.

4. Auto-sorters, hoppers, minecarts, and timers are limited. All minecarts must be operated by a button, hoppers are limited to 20 per chunk, and you may not use redstone that runs infinitely. Be mindful of excessive chests, item frames, heads/skulls, and other entities that may lag your base.

5. Players are allowed a maximum of 15 mobs per chunk. This includes all pets, named mobs, and all passive or hostile mobs except villagers, which are limited to 5 villagers per chunk.

Claim Rules and Information

This information is regarding our claim system, and failure to adhere may result in your hard work being available for any player to claim.

1. Claiming is optional. Griefing or looting without staff permission is forbidden and staff can take action if your area is griefed. However, we always recommend claiming your area for guaranteed protection and to avoid a potential rollback failing to undo all the grief or bring certain items back.

2. Claims will drop / be deleted after 30 days of inactivity. You can login regularly to avoid claim expiration. Ultimately, if a base is very important to you, the best thing to do is claim it and regularly play on the server or gift the area to someone who will be active.

3. If you create a base or build that you may not be active at, it’s recommended to claim it. Staff approves claimchecks based on activity in the area and block logs, but the logs drop after 30 days so a claim will let staff know that you’re still active at this base.

4. Please do not build within 100 blocks of another player’s base without their permission. If a base you want to build near is unclaimed, you may ask staff for a claim check to make sure it is abandoned.

5. Claim checks are a process that staff performs to ensure a player-built area is abandoned or has been inactive for 30+ days in order for another player to claim/loot/destroy/use. You MUST get an APPROVED claimcheck before griefing, looting, or otherwise touching a player area without permission. Pillager outposts, shipwrecks, villages, and other naturally generated structures do NOT need to be claimchecked unless it appears a player has built onto it.

6. Claim checks are limited to 3 claim checks per 24-hour period. All players who want to loot an area must be counted on the claimcheck, and all players who get an APPROVED claimcheck to loot an area must complete looting within 72 hours to open the area back up for others to potentially claim.