ComfyMC Server Rules

General Rules

These rules are universal. Failure to abide by any rules may result in a Permanent IP Ban!

1. Always remain respectful, mindful and considerate of other Players.

2. Never harass, bully, or otherwise intentionally cause grief to other Players.

3. Do not troll. Try your best to be a sincere and genuine Player.

4. Remember that you are part of a Community of Players, all with unique Thoughts and Feelings. Malicious behavior is not tolerated.

5. Do not ping Admins or higher staff on discord, if you need to report a player or a bug, please open a respective ticket.

6. Lying in Reports will Result in a Ban.

7. Don’t evade Punishments, if you feel like you were falsely punished and would like to speak to someone immediately, please open a Ban Appeal Ticket on our discord.

8. Don’t publicize Personal Information, whether it is your own or another user.

9. Discussions that may get out of hand must be taken to PM’s.

Chat Rules

These rules apply to in-game chat. Failure to abide by these rules may be met with muting. Repeat offenses can and will be met with a Ban.

1. Remember that the main Chat is in English, please refrain from writing in another Language.

2. Avoid using profane or otherwise explicit Language in the Chat, on Signs, or in any form of writing in-game.

3. Refrain from open Discussion about sensitive Issues, Politics, or otherwise contentious Topics meant to be inflammatory.

4. Refrain from engaging in rude behavior or intense Confrontation by using the /ignore command. Try to remain rational and report offending Players to the Staff.

5. Don’t spam the Chat. This includes long strings of Characters, abuse of the Language filter, abuse of in-game commands or any otherwise repetitive or excessive Chat Messages.

6. Never impersonate any player, staff member, or staff rank using the /nick command, signs, in game chat or any other form. Inappropriate nicknames are also strictly forbidden.

7. Don’t beg or “negotiate” for Ranks, including Staff Ranks and Premium Ranks. Don’t beg players or staff for Ranks, money, or in-game items.

8. Don’t openly advertise yourself, other Servers, or post any Links.

In Game Rules

These rules apply to gameplay. Failure to abide by these rules may rarely result in a warning, and is often met with an immediate Ban.

1. Absolutely never grief, raid, steal from, or abuse the claiming System towards another Player. This applies regardless of whether or not something is unclaimed or appears abandoned.

2. Never claim abandoned things as your own without explicit Permission from Staff to do so.

3. Never PVP other Players without their consent, remember that /warp pvp exists.

4. Strictly never use hacked clients, X-Ray Texture Packs, Duplication Bugs or otherwise exploit the Game to provide an unfair advantage over other Players. Report exploits to the Staff immediately.

5. Do not put troll items (e.g: stone for 1mil) on the auction house (/ah). If you see something like this, please report it to a staff.

6.  Any inappropriate items will not be tolerated. This includes any form of written books, tools, nicknames, armor, and/or any items/blocks in game.

7. Never make/use inappropriate, disrespectful, and racist builds or skins. Inappropriate usernames are also not allowed, you will be banned and can appeal on the discord after changing your username.

8. Explicit PDA, or any form of sexual content, is not tolerated in the chat, or on any form of writing in game, including signs, books, or DM’s. Unsolicited/non-consensual suggestive behavior or comments are strictly forbidden. If you are being harassed by another player please report it to staff immediately.

Anti-Lag Rules

These Rules apply to Building and are necessary to avoid Lag and Performance issues. Failure to abide by these Rules with malicious intent can and will be met with a Ban.

 1. Avoid building redstone Clocks whatsoever.

2. Avoid building zero (0) tick Farms, automated farms (Farms that can run indefinitely), and AFK Farms, including AFK’ing for keys.

3. Avoid having minecarts and redstone that run indefinitely. Minecarts must be operated via a button.

4. Avoid building flying machines whatsoever.

5. No auto-kill mob farms are allowed. Mobs must be manually killed/farmed. Example: Mobs cannot be killed by lava, fall damage, magma blocks, campfires, other mobs, or anything else (Ex. Withers cannot be used to kill mobs). Farms that spawn excessive amounts of entities will be limited. (Ex. Number of spawners per chunk, Number and size of Nether portal(s).)

6. Remember that players are allowed a maximum of 15 mobs per chunk. These includes pets, named mobs, passive and hostile mobs. You may separate them in Chunks.

7. Remember that Hoppers, timers and auto-sorters are altered. You may use up to 20 Hoppers per Chunk.

8. Avoid making anti-afk machines, including but not limited to afk pools or other ways of avoiding afk-kick.

Claim Rules and Information

These Rules and information applies on the claiming activities on the server. Failure to abide these rules will make your claims be claimable to everyone.

1. Claiming is optional, griefing is still not allowed even on unclaimed areas. But if you want a guaranteed protection from griefing, please claim it.

2. If you will be inactive for 30 days or more, your claims will expire and any player can claim/loot/destroy your base.

3. Ask a staff member first before claiming/looting an abandoned area because they will confirm if the player is really inactive for 30+ days by checking the block logs around the area. You can not have more then 3 claim-checks per 24 hours. If the area is available for looting and you tell the staff you will be looting, you have 72 hours from that point to loot the area, after which it will be considered griefing if you loot.

4. It is also important to claim your land since 30 day old block logs will be purged from the database which staffs cannot anymore detect block logs with it. So claiming it will indicate that you’re still active.

5. If the area/base is really important to you, please claim so that it won’t be taken by someone else.

6. You can login before 30 days of inactivity to prevent claim expiration.

7. Please do not build within 100 blocks of another player’s base, if a base you want to build near is unclaimed, you may ask staff for a claim check to make sure it is abandoned.