Pride Event

ComfyMC is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Event on Saturday, June 13th at 8pm EST

Everyone is encouraged to come participate in the Pride-themed Events occurring on the Event server!

We’ve set up many fun Pride-themed events including:
1. Rainbow Run Obstacle Course Race
2. Bowling
3. Rainbow Color Dropper
4. One Regular sized Maze and one OPTIONAL Giant maze (Special Prizes for anyone who can finish the large maze within 2 hours)
5. Head Hunt (Heads are exchanged for various keys!)

Keys, MCMMO Credits, and In-Game Money will be given for Top Finishers in all events and Heads exchanged for Various Keys (Note: Anyone who finishes the GIANT Maze within 2 hours will get 1 Million In-Game Money and a set of TBD amount of keys, And the first person to finish has the option of a PRIDE Suffix)

ComfyMC is proud to offer this event in support of Pride Month 2020! We hope everyone has fun with the events we’ve set up!