How To Play In ComfyMC Server
Server IP Address

Step 1: Open Minecraft Launcher.

Step 2: Click Multiplayer.

Step 3: Click Add Server.

Step 4.1: In the server address type the comfymc’s server ip:
Step 4.2: Click Done

Note: In the Server Name, you can type anything.

Step 5: Double Click ComfyMC Server List.
Step 6: Once you entered the Hub, choose what type of server you want. In summary ComfyMC SV has semi-vanilla features. ComfyMC X has more features like custom enchants and items, spawners, etc. Lastly, ComfyMC Skies is a economy based customized skyblock server.
Step 7: Let’s say you want to join ComfyMC X. Just go to ComfyMC X’s NPC and right click on it to join.
Step 8: You will spawn in the server’s respective spawn. In ComfyMC SV and X, type /rtp to teleport in to the wilderness and start building. In ComfyMC Skies, type /is to create a your own skyblock island. Goodluck and Enjoy! See you there.