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ComfyCorner (Jan. 2022)

There’s multiple images, make sure to hit the arrow on the side! Summary/Translation — A Renassance Fair-themed event will be hosted on /event on Jan. 22nd, new helpers join the team, and a new rank can be purchased on the store. Thank you all for...

ComfyCorner (Oct. 2021)

Event Hub, Spawn Rework, Social Media Events & MoreStaff has worked all through the month to bring personal touches to spawn on SV + X, as well as the event server! New additions include:🎆 /event 🎆 🕹️ Arcade machines line the walls! These...

ComfyCorner (Sept. 2021)

Thanks to player suggestions, a new channel is available on our Discord where current staff introduces themselves. Below is all staff changes from last month!NEW HELPERS  Alyisdead InTheMixx DS2004LOL EkienP FloralBabie Issachan OpusWolf PROMOTIONS...


FAQ: EULA & P2W Forums, subreddits, YouTube channels, everyone has been talking about "P2W (pay-to-win) servers" and debating the morality, legality, and what exactly counts as pay-to-win. I am hoping to provide some insight on how ComfyMC is...

ComfyCorner (Aug. 2021)

Axolotls on Minecraft? 1.17 Update Comes to ComfyMC! Everyone’s on the hunt for the blue axolotl. Does it spawn in the wild? What is the chance of running into this friend of ours? Does it really exist? What...

Pride Event

Pride Event ComfyMC is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Event on Saturday, June 13th at 8pm EST Everyone is encouraged to come participate in the Pride-themed Events occurring on the Event server! We've set up many fun Pride-themed...

Blocks and Mob Cap Changes

Blocks and Mob Cap Changes GOOD NEWS! Due to high demand, we have increased some block and mob caps.Block and Mob Cap Changes: Piston: From 10 -> 12Sticky Piston: From 10 -> 12Observer: From 10 -> 12All Mobs: From 5 -> 15

Unbreakable Voucher to Pick of Glory

Unbreakable Voucher to Pick of Glory To be able to make your "Pick of Glory" unbreakable you will need to trade in 3 unbreakable vouchers and one "Pick of Glory" for one unbreakable "Pick of Glory"