Forums, subreddits, YouTube channels, everyone has been talking about “P2W (pay-to-win) servers” and debating the morality, legality, and what exactly counts as pay-to-win. I am hoping to provide some insight on how ComfyMC is in compliance with Minecraft’s EULA and creates a fair environment for everybody.

ComfyMC is considered a “Player vs. Environment (PvE)” server, as opposed to “Player vs. Player (PvP)”. 

We host a store to help with:

  • Advertising (to help create and maintain a playerbase)
  • Hosting (to keep the server running 24/7)
  • Premium Plugins  & Support (to compensate external developers & programmers for the mods/technical support/etc. they’ve created, maintained, and shared with server owners)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (a general way of saying “more of the above”. We commission skills from a variety of people to accomplish or help our visions for the server come to life.)

And all premium perks available in the store are available for non-donators through different means. Our team consistantly reviews our free & paid ranks, perks, and items to ensure they are accessible.

Mojang’s Terms of Conditions includes a section on “Servers and Hosting”, which I will go over now.

Under these Terms of Conditions, ComfyMC may:

  • charge for access to your server, including a server which hosts your Mods, BUT only if:
    • you make a charge per person that is the same for everyone;
    • you give everyone you charge access to all the Mods that you choose to have on your server (except only in respect of genuine admin tools / admin Mods which should be reserved to administrators);
    • you only give access to your server to users who have a genuine paid for version of Minecraft;
    • you own or control the server and continue to do so for the whole time that you charge for access to it – so, if you sell the actual servers or server space with Mods pre-installed on them, you must ensure that the person buying the server is aware that she must follow these rules. Essentially you can’t get around the above by setting up servers with Mods on and then selling those set-ups

ComfyMC does not charge players to join the server so none of these articles apply to us.

  • ask for donations (as opposed to direct charges) IF you do not offer the individual donor something in exchange that only he or she can use. You may offer server wide rewards if donation goals are achieved though.

Donators (who donate via paypal.me/comfymc vs. purchasing) do not receive anything but our appreciation. Their donations count towards a Community Goal that offers server-wide rewards.

  • sell entitlements that affect gameplay provided that they do not adversely or negatively another player’s experience and provided they do not give a competitive gameplay advantage. A competitive gameplay advantage is something that, given identical skill levels, time investment, and circumstances, can cause one player or group to perform better than another.
    • Be aware that certain games or game modes can be designed as non-competitive (such as a player-versus-environment (PvE) game) and become competitive by adding gameplay elements such as a leaderboard.

As a Player vs. Environment server, there is nothing you can purchase in the store that impacts other players’ enjoyment on the server. In addition, all leaderboards (e.g. /baltop) have been removed to avoid any competitive gameplay. 

  • sell cosmetic entitlements, except for “Capes,” which we define as anything that attempts to visually emulate the feature of a Minecraft player Cape.

Nothing emulating capes is sold in the store.

  • provide in-game display and video advertising, sponsorships, or product placement for third-parties IF (i) they don’t degrade or interfere with gameplay or give a user any competitive gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server and (ii) you follow the rules outlined in “Constructed Promotions in Minecraft” below.

Our advertisements include any players who wish to be included in screenshots/videos and do not include any advantages nor perks to being included.

  • use and sell in-game virtual currencies IF (i) they have no real-world value and that cannot be cashed out, used, or transferred across free or paid servers, or into any other currency with real-world value; (ii) you don’t give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang, (iii) they don’t look like or have similar names to Minecoins or any other official virtual currency, and (iv) anything you sell with the currency follows our monetization guidelines.

Our virtual currency is based on a plugin that many servers use. It does not have real-world value, we have rules against trading it for actual currency, we do not work with any servers to trade funds across them, our website states that we are not affiliated/associated with Mojang, and we follow the above guidelines with having no leaderboards or allowing in-game currency to provide a competitive advantage against other players.

Ultimately, we work hard to comply with all guidelines given and will continue to update the server as new laws and guidelines come out. Understandably, legality does not always equal morality, and I leave it up to you whether you wish to play on a server with a store or not.

Some people believe having a store is automatically P2W, and no one should ever have to pay for a game they already bought. Others believe that the programmers who run servers are providing a service that should be compensated. 

These mindsets can and do coexist on ComfyMC. I encourage you to make your own decision about whether or not you wish to purchase items from the store or play on the server, but we do not tolerate any mistreatment of others based on this. You may disagree with others, but you may not bully, harass, or threaten the server over this difference in opinion. As always, conversations that may get out of hand should be brought to PMs.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, and I hope this offers some clarity! Be sure to read out ToS before you make a purchase on our store, as purchasing will not get you special treatment on the server. You are still expected to follow the rules and be a good member of the community.