Thanks to player suggestions, a new channel is available on our Discord where current staff introduces themselves.

Below is all staff changes from last month!


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Peach was our Head-Admin for nearly 2 years, almost as long as the server’s been running!

She’s kept the staff team together and helped create most of the processes we use today.


Jazzy was another OG staff that has seen the server develop from the early days of doing events in SV’s spawn.


Devs was to X as Peach and Jazzy were to SV. He was there to help build it up and is currently the richest member of the X community.

Based on player + staff suggestions, ComfyMC offered an overhaul of the rules for 2021. Be sure you’re up-to-date!

ComfyMC’s “End of Summer” Bash

What better way to celebrate our 2-year anniversary and all the fun we had this summer than a Disney-themed event packed full of fun?!

Staff got on their vacation gear, and players did too! Be sure to check out more screenshots on Discord.

Thank you to everyone who joined us! Staff plans on taking a break after this event to do an overhaul of the event server. More news to come!

By clicking above, you can learn how ComfyMC complies with Mojang’s EULA and how we keep things fair for everyone. Beside that is basic internet / discord tips to keep you and your friends safe!

Addy Moment

⭐ Fixed Resource Area
⭐ Added 1.17 Blocks in Shops
⭐ Fixed /iinfo command
⭐ Copper Ore Added to Mines!
⭐ Nether, End, & Resource Area reset!
⭐ Fixed /chc color for Prodigy+!
⭐ Working on minions on Skies prior to release!
⭐ And much more!

Stevie Moment

💛 Staff interviews & training!
💛 Updated staff rank colors!
💛 Implemented staff + player suggestions!
💛 Changed creeper head -> bed in /kit starter! Stay Comfy!
💛 Fixed anvils in spawn!
💛 Working on spawn, event, & more!

What about everyone else?

✨ All of staff is working on revamping spawn, the event server, and bring new & exciting things to the server!
✨ D3f4lts is still in the thick of helping train new helpers.
✨ Tony is sprucing up the art galleries & is ensuring /warp pwarps is updated regularly this month. He also added a bunch of emojis to Discord!
✨ Flow3rs updated SV’s End to offer a unique challenge this month! She will also be hosting a “CrazyMaze” rerun TBA!
✨ Ali & Ze are working hard on the SV & X info channels!
✨ Klasy updated /warp staffs on X!

And unfortunately, many staff projects are secret, but we’ll slowly be rolling out suggestions over the next few weeks.

Join us on Social Media!

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Our Mod, LionChompers, has taken over as our Social Media Manager! He’ll be hosting events every other week with in-game prizes! The first one will be a Building Competition on Instagram that will start Monday 9/6! Watch out on Discord & Instagram for updates.

FIRST PLACE: Receives the “Picture Perfect Builder” lore on an item of their choice + $100,000 in-game cash on their preferred realm.
SECOND PLACE: Receives 10 seasonal keys + $50,000 in-game cash on their preferred realm.
THIRD PLACE: Receives 5 super keys + $25,000 in-game cash on their preferred realm.

And don’t forget to join us on Discord for Movie Night!

This newsletter has been packed full of updates! And I’m sure I could go on about all of our plans, as well as ideas. 

However, I’ll leave this off on this: our Sr.Mod, Zecearu, has offered to host movie nights after a player suggestion! 

I’ve created a channel and role on Discord to get pinged, make suggestions, and come hang out with us!