Event Hub, Spawn Rework, Social Media Events & More

Staff has worked all through the month to bring personal touches to spawn on SV + X, as well as the event server! New additions include:

🎆 /event 🎆

🕹ī¸ Arcade machines line the walls! These machines have warps to all of our previous events– some of them are even playable! The ones that aren’t are your chance to explore old builds that staff poured their hearts into to make these events fun.
🕹ī¸ The prize counter is where it’s at! This is where you’ll find events that are always happening!! 
🕹ī¸ Bring your friends over for PvP or race them at parkour !! Staff is working on building new maps RIGHT NOW!!
🕹ī¸ In addition, we are working out the bugs in several old events like Bed Wars, Murder Mystery, and Spleef. We’ll ask for your patience while we get these back up, but we’re working hard!! 
🕹ī¸ A new parkour map headed by Klasy is coming soon! Keep your eyes openfor more details & have fun exploring!

đŸŒŧ /svrealm exclusives đŸŒŧ

🌸 Cosmetic changes like signs, paths, etc.!
🌸 New, fun builds: strawberry fields, wonky zoo, red panda sanctuary, & more!!
🌸 /warp workstation has been updated!
🌸 /warp staffstatues has been added!
🌸 /warp piglin has been added as a new grinder!


🎃 /svrealm + /xrealm 🎃

⭐ Cleanliness heightened & clutter removed!
⭐ /warp rules has been added!
⭐ /warp tutorials has been updated!
⭐ /warp staffs has been updated!
⭐ Retired, honored staff have been moved and given a warp (/warp retired)
⭐ /warp parkour is available on both servers now (originally only on X) ! There’s a new area beside the parkour for build competitions (coming soon!).
⭐ /warp maze is available with a unique maze on each realm.
⭐ /warp drop has received a seasonal update! Next drop party will be in late Oct.
⭐ /warp artgallery has been updated & organized!
⭐ /warp leafyhomes and /warp bloomyhomes have been cleaned up but are still closed with an exciting update coming soon!

🔮 /xrealm exclusives! 🔮

🖤 Cosmetic changes like signs, paths, etc.!
🖤 Multiple mobs, including George Duckington, are ready for Halloween with their bat wings & candy buckets!
🖤 /warp topdonator updated! Most recent top donator is now shown as an NPC.
🖤 /warp drop now has an interactive build for next drop party!
🖤 Overall, a gothic magical theme has been added to X to match our wizards !!

New Social Media Manager

A man with a plan! SrMod Joffrey was promoted both to SrMod + to our new social media manager, and he’s been rocking & rolling since with EXCLUSIVE events catered to our player base that uses social media.

Instagram now features unique BUILD COMPETITIONS.
TikTok now features MEME COMPETITIONS.
Twitter now features DRAWING COMPETITIONS.

All of these events come with BIG PAYOUTS!! Be sure to follow ComfyMC’s social accounts to stay tuned into the fun!

:reddit: : r/ComfyMC
:twitter: : @mc_comfy
:insta: : @comfy.mc
:tiktok~1: : @comfymc
:youtube~1: : https://www.youtube.com/c/comfymc

📅 Recent Events 📅

Instagram Build Comp 9/13
Salmonce, Darkatflash, and TheDoctorIsIn swept this one away!
TikTok Meme Comp 9/20
SnoGolem, Feuerliga, and Foxxxxiiii had staff rolling!

Be sure to check out the builds + memes by looking up #ComfyBuilds1 on Instagram + #ComfyMemes1 on TikTok.

đŸ‘ģ October’s Events

🎃 A build competition to replace Bloomy / Leafy Homes in spawn is already underway!
🎃 A spooky-themed drawing competition starts on Mon.
🎃 A drop party will be held in honor of Halloween (details coming soon!)

As always, all the details for our competitions are posted on the ComfyMC Discord!

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