Axolotls on Minecraft?

1.17 Update Comes to ComfyMC!

Everyone’s on the hunt for the blue axolotl. Does it spawn in the wild? What is the chance of running into this friend of ours? Does it really exist? What the heck is an axolotl anyways?

Axolotls, also known as “Mexican Walking Fish”, are a breed of salamander that is native to freshwater lakes in the Valley of Mexico. They are considered critically endangered in the wild, which contributed to Mojang’s decision to add them into the game.

The current variants of axolotls include Leucistic (pink), Wild (brown), Gold, Cyan, and the infamous Blue that has everyone pulling their hair out. The probability of a blue axolotl spawning is 1/1200. In one of Mojang’s “Dev Diaries”, they explained this figure is based on there only being approximately 1200 axolotls left in the wild. As of 2021, some sources have lessened this number to fewer than 1000. 

As of right now, axolotls spawn below sea level (y63) and in total darkness. They can be bred with buckets of tropical fish, and you can feed these buckets to baby axolotls to get them to grow up faster. As of 1.17.1, blue axolotls no longer spawn naturally and must be obtained through breeding. 

Players on SV are already raving about managing to breed some of these little fellas, but players on X don’t seem to be having the same amount of luck. Do you have a blue axolotl yet?

Tech admins @ work

1.17 bugs & issues

Missing featherboard? Phantom usernames? No resource area? What’s going on?

ComfyMC’s tech admins, Addy and Tsubomi, work hard to ensure Minecraft updates are optimized before bringing it to the server. This includes testing the update, waiting for plugins to be optimized, and working hand-in-hand with plugin developers to resolve bugs before players are ever impacted.

However, it’s not possible for two people to find every single bug, and that’s where our amazing player base comes in. We thank you all for your patience and reporting the bugs you’ve encountered on 1.17. Many have already been fixed, and we’ll keep working hard to address any more that happen. 

If you encounter a bug, please report it to staff immediately OR submit a Bugs & Issues ticket on our Discord.


Do you want to help new players get comfy by answering questions and being a role model in the community? Have you ever wondered what goes into building our events? Do you wanna help answer player reports, ban appeals, and resolve bugs & issues? 

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SV Realm

The 🙊 Limited Crate 🙊  on SV has welcomed amethyst & axolotl disguises, exclusive boots, and a new mount!

Some of SV’s 🔥 favorite pwarps 🔥 include:
/pww DreamHouse
/pww LuckyShop
/pww Turtle

SV’s 👿 Issachan 👿 wanted to share some words + screenshots:

I don’t play on as much as I would like because that would mean I’d have to miss out on my prime time anime shows! But once I’m all caught up, I’d load up Minecraft and hop online to this server. I love it here, staff are super responsive and considerate. Players I’ve met have turned into friends :).

X Realm

The 🙊 Limited Crate 🙊  on X has welcomed new eggs & spawners, exclusive boots, and a beefy shield!

Some of X’s 🔥 favorite pwarps 🔥 include:
/pww Grinders
/pww MobFarm
/pww WizHelp

X’s 🏗️ NewWorldMaker 🏗️ offered to share some screenshots of the base he’s working on:

And 🏗️ SethXB 🏗️ is another one of our X mains that is hard at work! He shared a project that he created in a creative world and is bringing to the server with the help of his friends:

Left image is the current progress, right image is the ultimate goal.

Staff section

What’s staff working on anyways?

Addy_8 is working on fixing bugs on SV and X while optimizing Skies to be released soon.
LambLullaby is working on the 2-year anniversary event, creating this newsletter, researching bugs, and trying to make some player suggestions come to life. If you have any builds, quotes, or other content you’d like to share for future newsletters, reach out to me!
Wolfwails is working on “classified information” and he was quoted saying, “Who are you? How did you get in my house?”.
Alivhen said, “I play the game”.
Zecearu is currently on vacation. His current projects include “DisneyLand” project on SV and a spree of maparts with HeroAsh that you will eventually see at /pww mapartinnit on SV. He shared this quote with me:  “I love all of you so much and I’m so proud of you all <3 P.S Ali’s a nerd ;3”
KlasyKitty is working on the 2-year anniversary event, as well as several projects on X that include /pww klasy, /pww spawner, & /pww clue!

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